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​​We prepare almost ALL types of tax returns!  

If you're a new client, I'll want to see a copy of your tax return from last year.  You'll save some time if you bring it with you when you first come to see me.  

Some folks will have such complicated situations that I need to see the last three years.  Maybe you should dig them up so you know where they are?

Whoops, you're behind on your filing -- several years' worth?  I can help you get those past-due returns prepared so you can file them and relax.

Out-of-state returns?  I do those too.  Those non-Texans can't scare me!

Worked in a foreign country all or part of last year?  I'm exprerienced in excluding foreign earned income on your tax return.

Tax return preparation starts at $100 and goes up depending on the umber of forms and the complexity of the return.

Income Tax Preparation in the Texas Hill Country since 1981

I began my tax practice in 1981, and have worked under the name Commonsense Bookkeeping and Tax Service as well as Absolute Tax.  I have lived in the Hill Country since 1979, and was married, until his passing in 2014,  for over thirty years to a Burnet County native,  who grew up and went to school here.   Ranch life, country life, city life.
​Every tax return is different.  

I ask questions.  I get the answers I need to prepare the tax return you need.

We handle all aspects of bookkeeping for small businesses of up to a million dollars annual gross income.  Bookkeeping begins at $75/hr.  The better organized the client's records are, the less time it takes the bookkeeper to put the records in order.

We provide all of the following services, singly or in combination.  That way, you can get exactly what you want without paying for services you don't need.

  • Payroll computation, payroll tax calculation, payroll tax deposits
  • Payroll tax reports, filed quarterly and annually
  • Annual W-2 and W-3 preparation.  Corrected W-2c and W-3c form preparation
  • Sales tax reports, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Credit card income reconciliation
  • General ledger bookkeeping, financial statements, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Invoicing for accounts receivable
  • Bill paying for accounts payable 
  • 1099 and 1096 preparation. Fees per form, not by the hour.  Avoid IRS penalties!